Buy 2 For $23.90

Buy 2 For $23.90

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Helping Mom in pumping milk, with this Hands Free Milk Pump Bra, it will hold the fennel for you when pumping milk, wear it like normal bra when not in pumping, no need to undress or change garments.

save time. buy 2 sets packed for $23.90 You save $10.00


    In the market, several kinds of styles are designed only for holding the milk pump, which you may have to undress or changing the holding bra, 

    By Saving your time. Our Hands Free Milk Pump Bra will give you the comfort thru out the day and when it is the time to pump milk, you don't need to undress or change to do it. 


    Simply return it within 15 days, we will refund your purchase.

    No return after 15 days 

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